Leverets offers its clients the distinctive combination of a barrister-and-solicitor team which delivers a uniquely streamlined and cost-effective service.

Taking advantage of regulatory changes, Leverets’ combined (or blended) strategy-and-advocacy practice builds on the outstanding credentials of the firm’s two founding lawyers; barrister Rupert Butler and solicitor Stephanie Davies. Established in 2018, Leverets is active in exceptional, high value cases on behalf of international and corporate clients as well as high profile individuals. We are also working with a number of SME business leaders on finding practical, mediated solutions to their legal challenges.

The power of this combined service transforms the quality of the client experience and delivers excellent results, consistently. This arises from Leverets’ exceptional continuity in managing the complexities of disputes and litigation, free from the disruptive fragmentation which can occur with the traditional model. Our priority is to make the process of dealing with legal issues as ‘pain free’ as possible for the clients, enabling them to get on with their business while optimising the skills of Leverets’ legal expertise.

This means that, by and large, cases can be taken by the same team of lawyers from initial exploratory consultation right through to all levels of courts and tribunals in England and Wales up to the Supreme Court. This also includes advocacy and representation in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) across the full spectrum of arbitration, mediation, adjudication and including early neutral evaluation as well as independent investigations.

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Leverets’ ‘blended’ approach avoids the problems of ‘last minute’ briefings of barristers, or delays or postponements because suitable barristers are not available.

By streamlining the process and getting rid of the duplications in the regular model it  also ensures that there are ‘no surprises’ as the case unfolds. This also helps to deliver the tight management of costs which enhances competitive advantage.

On occasions where it is necessary to instruct external counsel – for example, to expand resource and expertise or give cover for a diary clash – there continues to be a close integration of the advocacy with the client’s wider strategic objectives.


Leverets is committed to the use of evolving technology so as to maximise efficiency and reduce unnecessary face-to-face meetings. With many clients and other advisors now ‘working from home’ location has become less significant – it is the quality of the ‘people’ rather than the ‘postcode’ which now matters. This also means that larger teams of solicitors and other barristers are mobilised when needed.

That said, when appropriate or at the client’s preference, Leverets has available a number of venues for meetings in the City of London. Our lawyers can also travel to clients’ premises (or, indeed, homes). The critical factor remains, however, the combined experience, knowledge and understanding of the founding lawyers in their barrister/solicitor combination.

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