“Leverets is a dedicated, highly experienced team drawing upon strengths in various disciplines to very impressively hold their own against bigger firms, and always stay a step ahead strategically. They also sincerely invest in the well-being of their clients. I simply could not have asked for better representation”

“Outstanding legal advice coupled with a tactical awareness and savvy that takes into account not just the legal matter, but also the broader needs and circumstances of their clients.

A rare thing indeed”

“The perfect blend of legal rigour, compassion, and integrity. Leverets is a blessing to anyone in need of outstanding lawyers”

“Clear and unflinching support from the very beginning of a case and a determination to pursue every angle are some of their hallmarks, which give the client great confidence that nothing is missed or left to chance. Leverets’ consistency of approach places them in the top rank of legal teams”

“Leverets’ method of not having a disconnect between solicitor and barrister means that the client always has full confidence nothing is forgotten”

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Company and Commercial litigation

We act on behalf of large international enterprises, UK institutions, SMEs, and high net worth individuals across all aspects of company and commercial litigation.

We place a strong emphasis on developing a team approach with every client to ensure full use of all relevant knowledge, skills, and resource. By bringing together the combined strengths of technology optimisation, forensic acuity, and intellectual rigour, we can act quickly and effectively no matter the complexity or scale of requirements, always securing the most effective outcomes and delivering true value for money.

Personal and Corporate Insolvency

Our team have been providing legal advice and assistance in insolvency matters and CCDA proceedings for over 30 years, acting for a variety of clients and businesses including leading insolvency practitioners appointed by HM Revenue and Customs, The National Crime Agency, and the Pension Protection Fund.

An exacting field, insolvency cases require the very highest levels of precision and expertise. Our blended team guarantees superior results whatever the nature of the case.

Gavel on a desk
Gavel on a desk

Civil Fraud

The number of civil fraud cases heard in the courts has undergone a 50% rise in recent years.

We act on behalf of defendants, corporate clients, and individuals, both in the UK and internationally, across the full range of fraud allegations, delivering quick action and expert representation. We liaise with the police, international crime agencies and other authorities, and can call upon a network of lawyers around the world to ensure our clients consistently receive the best possible advice at every stage of proceedings.

Public Inquiries

Our specialist team have significant experience both of representing individuals, private organisations, campaigners, charitable organisations, and public bodies who find themselves under scrutiny, required to give evidence, or face the prospect of appearing at a hearing. In addition to our technical expertise, what sets us apart is our ability to handle these matters with empathy and sensitivity, managing media interest, protecting the reputation of our clients and their families, and the wider interests of organisations. We work tirelessly to deliver clarity and confidence at every stage of the inquiry process, delivering a high personal touch service, always going above and beyond to protect our clients in the most holistic way possible.

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