Leverets makes global headlines

Jun 26, 2024

Leverets has made global headlines in recent days following the publication of our correspondence to INTERPOL bringing to their attention concerns about the background of Mr Mubita Nawa, a candidate for the position of Secretary General.

The Executive Committee of INTERPOL have decided to propose a different candidate as their next Secretary-General, Valdecy Urquiza from Brazil, by an overwhelming majority.

What is our response?


Mr Nawa, who is currently the Deputy Director of the Zambian Criminal Investigation Department (CID), was one of four shortlisted candidates for the role of Secretary General of INTERPOL.

Our letters, which were made public, suggested to INTERPOL that Mr Nawa was plainly unsuitable for the position based on the pivotal role he is alleged to have played in a conspiracy that led to the unlawful kidnap, detention, assault and attempted extortion in September 2022 of our clients, Vinod and Uddit Sadhu, owners of Sun Pharmaceuticals.

The Sadhus are under continuing and illegal pressure to forgo a judgment confirmed in Zambia’s Supreme Court for the Zambian Government to pay Sun Pharma 117m Swiss Francs.

Our position

Despite the huge public reaction to our leaked correspondence, and the unfounded and hysterical claim that we were party to an orchestrated smear campaign, our role as legal representatives is unchanged.

Why are we confident of our position?  

Because it is the role of a conscientious lawyer to satisfy themselves thoroughly that their clients’ instructions are to act for a proper purpose based on plausible information and evidence. In this case we were entirely satisfied that our clients passed these threshold tests of having a legitimate interest, proper motives and sufficient evidence to put their claims to INTERPOL.

We were satisfied that:

a. our clients had been abducted, detained and threatened in a conspiracy involving Nawa and so they had sufficient direct and personal interest in the subject-matter to alert INTERPOL to their concerns

b. our clients’ experiences, as communicated to INTERPOL, served a proper purpose by allowing it to make an informed decision on the suitability of their candidates’ probity and integrity to be Secretary General

c. our clients’ factual allegations, having already been set out in civil claims instituted in Zambia, were supported with sufficient background evidence to make them solid arguable claims.

Whilst it is not for us, or our clients, to lecture INTERPOL on who they should appoint as the next Secretary General, it is legitimate for us to follow our clients’ instructions to equip the decision-making process with all the necessary relevant facts so that it can make the best decision for the agency and the people it serves.

We are surprised that our correspondence has been made public and by the reaction of the Zambian Police, Press and supporters of Mr Nawa, who are now attempting to expand their criticism of our clients to include us as the propagators of a story they claimed was malicious and unfounded. They have misunderstood the role of the lawyer.

This goes with the territory when handling the complex and high-profile litigation for which we have established a successful reputation. A laser-focused approach is essential to ensure Leverets’ involvement stands up to ethical scrutiny, which is, after all, our craft.

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