In 2018, Leverets’ two founding partners – barrister Rupert Butler and solicitor Stephanie Davies – set out to remove the restrictions on where and how lawyers can practice, and usher in a new era of legal service excellence.

Realising the traditional approach of the client instructing a solicitor, who in turn instructs a barrister and then both work separately, is expensive and inefficient, they set out to build a combined practice. The goal was to deliver a uniquely streamlined, cost-effective and highly personal client experience free from the disruptive fragmentation of the traditional model.

And that’s exactly what we’ve achieved.


We’ve nurtured a unique culture which has seen us attract exceptional talent from the big firms. This, combined with our use of advanced technology, means that not only have we removed restrictions that impede innovation, but that our clients are guaranteed the highest level of expertise and support that goes well beyond the remit of a traditional law firm.


This is just the first chapter in our story. We have ambitious plans for the future.

Gavel on a desk
Gavel on a desk


At Leverets we believe that, despite the demands of litigation, we have a duty to be stewards of our environment. This drives us to invest in a wide  range of initiatives to positively impact our world.

We consider the relationships within our business, like the Leverets team, suppliers and clients as well as the local community. We want our business to have the best possible impact on the areas we operate in.